«Green Ukraine»

Solar power plant project

Ukraine is a promising platform for investors to implement “green” projects.

Green projects will also help to improve the environmental state of the country and solve the problem of household waste. The potential of growth of renewable energy sources business is enormous in Ukraine, promising to cover at least half of the annual consumption of the country.

We proudly present you our investment project “Green Ukraine”. Working closely with you as our partners, we will make every effort to develop the relevant business sphere.


Solar battery is the second attempt of humanity to curb the boundless energy of the sun and make it work on our behalf. The fi rst solar collectors were primitive solar thermal power plants, which generated electricity by heating water to a boiling point under concentrated sunrays.

Solar panels produce electric current directly, making the process a lot more effective. With live streaming process less energy is consumed compared tomultilayer streaming, as in collectors (concentration of sunrays, heating the water and evaporation, powering the turbine, and fi nally electricity generation).

Modern solar panels consist of a series of photoelectric cells — semiconductor devices that convert solar energy directly into electric current. This process is called a photoelectric effect. In the middle of the 19th century French physicist Edmond Becquerel discovered this phenomenon. Later, in the 20th century, the photoelectric effect was described in detail by Albert Einstein.


10 regions of western Ukraine highlighted in yellow were selected for the deployment and construction of a power plant

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This project will expand to eastern and southeastern regions of Ukraine with the growth and development in this area

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The following equipment has been selected for the effective work:

• Solartronics (Germany) and Jinko Solar (PRC) solar panels

• fixing construction of solar panels by GG (Ukraine)

• Solartronics (Germany) inverter equipment


1. Preliminary analysis. Preparation of the concept of the project implementation and the refi nancing of investments. (deadline from 1 to 3 months)

2. Pre-project work, preparation of «green tariff» and other project support. (deadline from 3 months)

3a. Purchase of equipment (solar panels, inverter equipment, additional equipment needed for the project). Manufacturing of fastening designs of solar panels. (deadline from 3 months)

3b. Long-term lease of land for the project. Study of feasibility. Drawing up technical documentation. (deadline from 3 months)

4.Obtaining technical requirements and the conclusion of the agreement on connection to the power grid. (deadline from 2 months)

5. Drawing up technical documentation for the connection to the power grid. (deadline from 2 months)

6a. Construction and commissioning of the power engineering installations. (deadline from 6 months)

6b. Construction and commissioning of the power plant. (deadline from 6 months)

7a. Obtaining a license for electricity production. (deadline from 1 month)

7b. Confi rmation of the Ukrainian component. (deadline from 1 month)

8a. Setting of the «green tariff». (deadline from 1,5 months)

8b. Membership in WEM. (deadline from 1 month)

9. Contract for sale of electricity. (deadline from 1 month)

10. Sale of electricity at «green tariff».

Estimated startup time for the project from 18 months.


We create the fi rst solar power plant in Ukraine with a capacity more than 150 MW

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In the nearest future, we are planning a stable increasing in capacity of power generation

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We plan to develop enviromentally and safe production in Ukraine for sale of electricity to the local market of the country.

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